Porto Airport Duty Free

Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport in Portugal, as part of the European Union member states, affords its passengers duty free shopping at the arrivals and departures. Duty free sales are not permitted for passengers traveling within the EU but they are only permitted for passengers landing in this airport but having flown from a non EU country. They are further allowed for EU travelers whose destinations are outside the EU.

The goods available in these shops are competitively priced for the customers in what is referred to as “Travel Value Shopping”. Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport has its fair share of duty free shops and these are available on the departures area on the third floor. With regards to the duty free shops in the departure lounge, passengers flying into a non EU country can buy duty free goods. There are also duty free shops at arrivals near the baggage claims area.

The duty free shops are great for obtaining affordable but top quality cosmetics, alcohol and tobacco, jewelry, fashion, electronics, mobile phones and travel goods, among other products.