Porto Airport Bus
Porto Airport Bus

Porto Airport Bus

Top Tips For Using the Bus from Porto Airport Francisco Sa Carneiro

In the arrivals section of the airport, you’ll find that you can take a public bus to a variety of destinations within the city and to some other surrounding destinations as well.

There are many private buses as well that can drop off or pick you up at every stop on the bus route in the city. Most buses are are clean and reliable as well as affordable, although a private bus is going to cost significantly more than the public city buses.

Make sure that you pay attention to the bus schedule to be the most efficient and effective when riding buses to your destinations. You can find the route information at the information desks within the airport so you know when buses are scheduled to arrive or depart. You can also use the shuttle bus, which leaves from the airport every 30 minutes. These buses only operate during the day and are generally much more expensive than other busing options.

Porto Airport Metro Fares

The regular titles are valid for the zones around the zone your journey started (the zone where you validate your ticket). The titles allow you to travel a certain time, according to the areas they include.

1 Title10+1 TitlesMaximum Duration of the Trip

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